The 60 Second Survey results – what did you think?

We recently sent out the shortest survey EVER – just five pertinent questions relating to issues of today. And the results were interesting to say the least!

So, in summary…

1. we were all quite positive about SA’s chances of bringing the Webb Ellis trophy back home – and didn’t give the Aussies a hope! (And, thankfully, not too many of you don’t care about such things…)


2. VW are going to have a big job of convincing at least 30% of you that they are still a company worth respecting…


3. The overwhelming majority of you think that government corruption is a MASSIVE problem in South Africa.


4. Only 33% of you think that marijuana should be legalised for non-medical reasons.


5. And when it comes to incentives for taking part in surveys, CASH is KING!!

Thanks to all the 7 000+ people who took part – and we’ll be in touch soon!

The SA Lifestyle Surveys team.