What’s new and improved in BrandMapp 2016?


As the country’s most in-depth study of ‘middle-class-and-up’ South Africans, BrandMapp remains a vital weapon in any marketer’s armoury when it comes to profiling consumers and identifying target markets. But one of the study’s great attributes is that, while the core interrogation remains consistent, WhyFive Insights, the company behind the study, takes an iterative approach.

That core includes more than 200 measures and creates an exceptionally deep and wide view: full demographics, interests and pastimes, banking, insurance and financial portfolios, brand usage across multiple categories, mediagraphics and multi-channel consumption indicators, philanthropic potential and a barrage of category filters aimed at identifying consumer groups across the social spectrum.

But for 2016, it’s the additions and refinements that will excite a whole new group of marketers. “Although we have to be practical about the length of the survey,” explains WhyFive’s Alan Todd, “we look to add levels of depth each year. For example, we need to make sure that in fast-changing categories, such as social media, we keep pace and include the latest platforms. But perhaps more importantly, it’s the ‘next-level’ additions that are most exciting. Last year, for example, we discovered what wine varieties South Africans love and it turned out to be a fascinating report – so this year we wanted to know how much money they are willing to spend on a special bottle versus a mid-week tipple.”

Aside from updated and expanded category and brand filters, the big additions for BrandMapp 2016 include:

Health profile: perception of health and fitness including dietary considerations.

New psychographics: measuring attitude towards risk, feelings of optimism, likelihood of emigration, propensity to study further and general state of mind.

Loyalty: expanded programme filter and new measurement of triggers to participation and desirability of rewards.

Shopping: new quantification of grocery spend and habits in addition to triggers and barriers for online shopping behaviour.

Cooking and eating: an interrogation of perceptions of ‘healthy’ eating and expanded section measuring cooking behaviour, frequency and motivation.

Eating out: expanded section in categories by primary food offering (fish, burger, pizza, etc.).

Satisfaction level measurement: added to key categories, e.g. insurance, banking, security company, mobile service provider).

Coffee: dedicated section for competitive outlets, brand consumption and preferences.

Radio: addition of key behaviour measurement – where and when listenership takes place.

Wine section: addition of key measurement – price sensitivity.

Automotive: addition of tyre and fitment centre usage.

BrandMapp 2016 is currently in the field and the new data will be available from February 2016. As always, it will be accessible via all standard cross-tab tools – and in the form of reports referred to as BrandMapp Profilers that include 200+ slides of a specified view of the data through a brand, audience or segment filter.

For further information or a demonstration of the power of BrandMapp, please call Stuart on 083 443 8111 or email stuart@whyfive.co.za