WhyFive has hundreds of reports at our fingertips! From segmented studies like our famous Top End Report, to retail, sports, media and e-commerce reports.

Segmented Reports

  • Top End (R40K HHI +)
  • The Wealth Report
  • The Millionaire’s
  • BMC – Black Middle Class
  • SA Entrepreneurs Report
  • SA Professionals Report
  • SA Youth Shopper Report

Category Reports

  • Fast Food Eaters Report
  • SA Coffee Lovers Report
  • Grocery Shoppers Report
  • Clothing Shoppers Report
  • AutoBrand – The Car Report
  • SA Professionals Report
  • The SA Travel Report
  • SA Bank Report
  • Insurance and investments
  • The Wine Report

Affinity Reports

  • The Digital Affinity Report
  • The Loyalty Report
  • Online Shopping Report
  • Ubuntu Report (Giving back)
  • SA DIY Report
  • The Gambling Report
  • SA TV Viewers
  • SA Radio Listeners