At WhyFive we believe in the power of understanding the why behind human needs, perception and behaviour.

Brand Profiles

BrandMapp Brand Profiles offer a comprehensive view of your customers across 241 measures – from demographics and psychographics to financial services, asset ownership, brand use, stores shopped,
online shopping, travel, insights on giving back and many more. See these key insights as segmented views or against the profile of your competitor’s customers.

Cross-Tab Data

BrandMapp 2023 data is available on all cross-tab tools in South Africa. 12 months access gives you a world of unlimited insights based on a sample of 35 504 economically-active adults across more than 241 measures, 1300 brand filters including 350 media filters and 167 shopping malls. Contact us to arrange data access and support.

Pitch Perfect

Make sure you win your next pitch! We join your pitch team to give you the insights you didn’t get in the brief and ensure that your pitch is based on solid consumer insights. Our unique Pitch Perfect model gives you full access to BrandMapp data and the insights team at Whyfive. We will help you land the business but will also share the risk of pitching and losing!

Panel & Research

Using our panel of 185 000 opt-in panellists we are able to offer bespoke online research solutions on a targeted basis – quickly and cost effectively. Whether it’s a turn-key solution from design to results or simply providing access to our panellists, WhyFive has the optimum solution for your research needs.

Marketing Consultancy

With over 50 years combined experience in media, marketing, communications and brand activation, WhyFive is uniquely positioned to help marketers take data insights to the next level. We specialise in working with clients to unpack insights and turn data into real, tangible strategy. There are so many benefits of having WhyFive at the boardroom table!