SA loyalty programmes missing a trick


With 26% of economically active South Africans using customer loyalty programmes more than they were a year ago, our burgeoning loyalty and rewards appetite is clearly still on the rise. But are SA brands adequately differentiating their loyalty programmes to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace? While it’s estimated SA has more than 100 programmes on offer, the majority of these still lack focus in execution, communication and differentiation, leading to non-engagement from their newly acquired members. This was one of the major insights derived from Truth’s 2016 Loyalty

Whitepaper: The Current State of Loyalty in South Africa.

Truth has partnered with WhyFive, one of South Africa’s leading online research companies to bring you the 2016 Truth Loyalty Whitepaper. For this specific Whitepaper, results from WhyFive’s BrandMapp 2015 survey, together with Truth’s loyalty experience, were used to drive insights about the current state of loyalty in the South African market place. The result is a unique landscape study of economically active South African adults, who are influenced by loyalty programmes in one way or another and we are proud to share our findings with you. To download the full report, please click here. For a snapshot of the findings, see the Truth Whitepaper 2016 Infographic below. We hope that you find the Truth Loyalty Whitepaper insightful and that it provides valuable context into the South African loyalty market place. Enjoy the read! We welcome your views and feedback.