Who is optimistic in SA?

One of the new measures in BrandMapp 2016 is a view of how optimistic middle-class-and-up South Africans are feeling, both in terms of their personal future and that of our country; and, although the survey is still in field, interim responses from around 10 000 respondents show a fascinating ethnic divide.

On the personal front, 35% of black respondents are ‘very optimistic’ versus only 15% of their white counterparts, but when it comes to being ‘optimistic’, those numbers change to 36% and 50% respectively. So, although the majority of both groups feel personally optimistic, it’s clear that economically active black South Africans see a far brighter future for themselves.

When it comes to the country, however, the story changes. Thirty-six percent of respondents feel ‘unsure’ about our future, which is understandable given the state of the world right now, but there’s a worryingly pessimistic mood on the white side of the fence. While 40% of black respondents feel optimistic about the future of SA, only 19% of white respondents feel the same way, with 46% saying they are pessimistic or very pessimistic.

Of course, there’s far more to this story than this dipstick view reveals and the statistics need to be understood in the full context of levels of education and income. Which is precisely what we will do early in 2016 when the study is complete. Watch this space!