In the news: Infotools backs BrandMapp

Infotools SA are proud to announce a partnership with whyFive insights which sees the BrandMapp 2015 data available on the Infotools Harmoni platform.
Article courtesy of BizCommunity South Africa

BrandMapp is an annual dataset created by 24 500 respondents who answer 200 questions in a comprehensive online survey across 500 brands, 380 media and 70 category filters. The result is a unique landscape study of economically active South African adults who are responsible for 86% of all consumer spend in the country.

The data covers a traditionally hard-to-reach sector of the population, the middle class and top-end which is an extremely desirable but typically elusive market – 55% of the sample lives in households with more than R20 000 monthly household income, including large samples all the way up to the millionaires and ‘astronauts’. The dataset includes full demographics, psychographics and media interaction, with hundreds of additional measures on purchase behaviour across categories, sports played and watched, interests, travel, automotive, social issues, giving back, and many more.

The Infotools Harmoni platform is analytic software that provides users with the opportunity to deep-dive data in order to gain a more profound understanding of the relationships between survey variables. Using drag-and-drop to build cross-tabs from any of the elements in the data, the software (Inaugural MRS Technology Effectiveness Award in London) allows users to unpack the data, generating product profiles that yield powerful insights. Once these have been uncovered, tabular and built-in charting can be exported to Word, Excel or PowerPoint, producing instant reporting.

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