To be or not to be… what is your question?

To be or not to be... what is your question?

Did you know that in BrandMapp 2022, we discovered that 38% of you, of us, of mid-market SA consumers would prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things? Now some of you may find this irrelevant and others might think it’s fascinating – a crucial insight into the drivers of consumer behaviour. And that’s the thing about landscape surveys – different things matter to different people. 

And in that spirit, as it’s our 10th Birthday this year, we are offering you a gift: if you could add a single question into BrandMapp2023 – and have that question answered by more than 30 000 respondents – what would that question be? This is your chance to ask that one burning question! Who knows, you may just see your answers in the results of our survey later this year! If you want to check out the 247 questions in the current BrandMapp data take a look here:
Drop your proposed question in the comments – or send to we’ll be sure to consider adding these to the interesting new measures we have in the bag for BrandMapp 2023.

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