The Truth and BrandMapp 2021 Loyalty Whitepaper

Truth & BrandMapp have proudly delivered loyalty insights over the last 6 years. This whitepaper analyses the changing consumer attitudes towards loyalty programmes in South Africa and further deep dives into demographic differences, plus any other factors influencing loyalty usage.

The insights packaged in the Truth/BrandMapp whitepaper are the product of just a handful of the 227 questions in BrandMapp 2021. For loyalty brands included in the survey this sets up two distinct opportunities.

First, we have developed the BrandMapp Bespoke Loyalty Programme Report that offers a branded view of all the loyalty measures seen through the lens of a particular programme’s users. This edited view of the survey also includes an overview summary so you can see how your programme stacks up in the landscape, select lifestyle characteristics and category charting. It’s a concise and incredibly powerful pack of insights that will start your conversations in the right place.

Secondly, for more sophisticated loyalty teams looking for a deeper, wider view of their members, we run comprehensive reports that include charts and comparative analysis of your members and the category in which you play, through the entire data set. From demographics and life stage, through interests, financial habits, shopping behaviour and, crucially, media usage, your BrandMapp Loyalty Programme Brand Profiler is your roadmap for loyalty partnerships and opportunities and effectively delivers a bespoke strategic blueprint for the immediate future, and beyond.