News: who’s fake and who’s not?

In an age of You-Tube influencers, Tik-Tok superstars and Spotify millionaires, you’d be forgiven for thinking that traditional media plays a fringe role at best, but according to the latest BrandMapp survey of middle-class-and-up South Africans, that couldn’t be further from the truth – literally.

As has been the case since our first survey 10 years ago, when asked what news media people actually trust, it’s amazing that TV (53%), Radio (48%) and Newspapers (40%) take the top podium places, and not by a small margin: by a country mile. The fact that exactly half as many people say they trust websites (24%) compared with radio proves the point.

And here’s the kicker: there’s no generation skew at play here. Although the youth are more likely to trust social media, they are also far more likely to trust traditional channels! Put that in your fake pipe and smoke it. Ok!

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