Just turn around now, cos you’re not welcome anymore!

Just turn around now, cos you’re not welcome anymore!

If you’re an FNB South Africa Ebucks member, Gloria Gaynor’s epic lyrics might be ringing in your ears! It’s the 5th most popular loyalty program for middle-class-and-up South African adults, with 33% of everyone surveyed in BrandMapp 2020 swiping the card.

And more importantly, we measure them as the ‘most valued’ program of all. So today’s hullabaloo around the changing bucket of benefits for different tiers is understandable, particularly when it comes to travel benefits.

In BrandMapp, 38% of all FNB Ebucks members said that travel and flight discounts were important to them. And in particular, 31% said Airport Lounge Access was one of the benefits they most enjoyed, vs 23% of non-eBucks members.

So eBucks members are significantly more likely than others to enjoy an hour of pre-flight, free refreshments, VIP smoking room and luxury toilets.

It may be a while until air travel gets back to being a big part of our lives again, but still, when almost a third of your members say something’s important to them, it’s a brave move to start moving the goalposts.

Calling all eBucks users out there… what do you guys think?

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