Introducing the BrandMapp MediaSales Dashboard

BrandMapp MediaSales Dashboard

With media owners of all sizes competing for slices of the same marketing budget pie, advertisers and their agencies now expect that they will be furnished with data-driven arguments to guide their decision-making. So whether you’re a community radio selling a morning show spot or a large sales house selling an integrated, multi-platform digital campaign, the expectation remains the same: provide me with compelling evidence of why your media platform or channel is the best choice for my brand.

Helping media owners answer that question has become one of our key drivers at BrandMapp and over the past 10 years, our annual survey has become the gold standard for strategic insights on the middle-market-and-up South African consumers. Almost all of the larger media owners use BrandMapp insights to first understand their clients’ consumers and then find and craft their media sales stories. But how do smaller media owners with smaller budgets and limited access to in-house data analytics and market insights stay in the game?

Well, how about this: imagine you had access to an easy-to-use, affordable, web-based dashboard, that meant you don’t have to be a data insights pro to find powerful and compelling sales stories? And what if that dashboard had customised filters allowing you to create target market groups and limited variables chosen specifically to present media sales opportunities across all BrandMapp categories such as financial services, travel, automotive, retail and more? The cherry on top would be a one-click-export button to download the sales deck to an open PowerPoint file customised for you own brand.

That’s what I had in mind when I started working on the BrandMapp MediaSales Dashboard and it started way back in media sales as head of insights at Primedia Malls, supporting the sales team with data-driven insights to help them close the deal. But the process of crunching the numbers and formatting a sales deck could take hours or days. I realised quickly how much of a difference it would make to create a system that bridged the gap and reduced the timeframe between raw data and executable, understandable insights from hours to minutes, and then to create a platform that sales teams would be comfortable using.

I’m excited at where we’ve landed up, I really believe it’s a game-changer for the smaller agencies and media owners. The BrandMapp MediaSales Dashboard isn’t just cost-effective, it’s been designed with everyday users in mind so anyone can use it to craft amazing sales stories. It might be a fiercely competitive landscape out there and it would probably be going a bit far to say that BrandMapp Dashboard levels the playing field, at least it means that everyone who wants to can play the game!
View the demo dashboard:
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