I Belieb I can fly!

Yes, it’s official: with global flight restrictions easing up and the world looking towards a brighter, more eventful future, Justin Bieber has kindly added Joburg and Cape Town to his world tour that starts next year.

So fans have almost a full year to grow a moustache and find the perfect track-suit in anticipation of the second coming of a global icon who rode to fame a decade ago on a wave of fresh-faced innocence, and now sports a motorcycle-cop moustache and more tatts than a deckhand on the Titanic. Oh, and he married Alec Baldwin’s niece.

The only thing that’s stayed the same, as he proved with Peaches earlier this year, is an amazing talent for pumping out hit singles.

So the million dollar question (at least for promoter Big Concerts) is: does anyone actually care? Well, consider this: in BrandMapp 2021, we found that a massive 43% of Gen Me’s (under 25s) and 36% of Millennials were seriously hoping to get to a live stadium concert this year. And even more of them were hoping to get tickets to an outdoor music festival.

On top of that, about half of them admit to liking dance/pop music. Somehow, we don’t think they’re going to have problem selling out the Justice World Tour. And you thought it was hard finding tickets to the rugby 7s at Cape Town Stadium!

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