Climate Change and Coffee

Climate change and Coffee

How about a nice hot cup of alterações climáticas?

According to the latest BrandMapp statistics, 87% of middle-class-and-up adults drink coffee, but only 30% are worried about climate change, or, as it’s known in Brazil, das alterações climáticas. Which means that 47% of them are in for a real shock as they satisfy their caffeine craving in 2022. Why? Well, it was over a year ago we first heard about a global coffee supply crisis, thanks to Covid and a container ship traffic jam of epic proportions in ports around the world.

That’s why coffee prices shot up about 20% last year. But at the same time, the world’s largest coffee supplier, Brazil, was dealing with the worst drought in 100 years, quickly followed by record cold temperatures and the worst frost in 27 years. Together, they wiped out half a million acres of coffee crop. Coffee exporters from places like Africa and Vietnam will no doubt be smiling, but overall, it’s going to have a negative affect on the average coffee-junkie’s wallet. So, presuming that you will still be able to find one, how far away is the 50 buck flat white d’ya think?

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