But wait, that’s not all!

Have you had Black Friday highlighted in your diary since last year? And are you salivating at the thought of saving a ton of money on things you never intended buying in the first place, but can’t resist now you’ve seen the adverts?

Well, you’re not alone. Of all the shopper statements people could agree with in BrandMapp, number one by far was ‘I always look out for sales and discounts with more than half of all middle-class-and-up adults agreeing with the sentiment.

It’s the same result we’ve seen for the past 5 years. But what’s really fascinating is that it has nothing at all to do with income. Even millionaires will tick that box before things like ‘quality’ and ‘well-known brands’ proving that in a country where petrol prices go up faster than Elon Musk’s bank account and you struggle to find a decent burger and chips for under R100, everyone’s looking for ways to grease their monthly budget wheels with a little discount oil!

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