BrandMapp 2020 Loyalty Insights come to life!

BrandMapp 2020 Loyalty Insights come to life!

For the past 5 years, we have collaborated with the team at Truth, South Africa’s leading loyalty and CRM consultancy, on an annual ‘State of the Nation’ publication about loyalty programmes in South Africa. And we’re proud to announce the recent launch of the Truth & BrandMapp South African Loyalty Landscape Whitepaper 2020.

From the stores we shop at for groceries and health supplies to where we eat, fill up with fuel and order a flat-white-to-go, loyalty programmes have simply become a part of everyday life for economically active South Africans. So much so that we regularly refer to them as a ‘hygiene factor’ for any business hoping to win new customers, or keep old ones coming back for more.

Here’s the challenge: most programmes generate enormous volumes of transactional data about customers, but very little insight into their needs, perceptions and behaviour outside the shopping basket. Which is precisely why Truth & BrandMapp deliver annual insights into the category and analyse changing consumer attitudes in South Africa.

While the basic measures remain similar in order to gauge and trend overall usage, every year the Truth & BrandMapp Loyalty Landscape Whitepaper is designed to dig deeper and uncover new truths. And for 2020, we came up with an entirely novel interrogation that will informing loyalty strategy in a way that’s never been done before.

We’re really proud of this piece of work and our partnership with Truth. While BrandMapp focuses on profiling, describing and identifying the needs, perceptions and behaviours of respondents, Truth examines and unpacks the insights from a loyalty perspective. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive, landscape study of consumer loyalty behaviour in South Africa.

Download BrandMapp 2020 Loyalty Insights PDF