Blame it on the Mountain!

Blame it on the Mountain!

Spare a thought this week for Capetonians who woke up this morning with the shattering news that part of the beloved mountain they talk about all the time would be closed off again, just days after being re-opened.

Apparently, with all other forms of sport banned, they just couldn’t control themselves in the great outdoors and Lions Head was closed until further notice as people weren’t abiding by social distancing rules.

Then again, when you consider the sheer number of people in the Western Cape who love to walk and hike as a past time, all of this is hardly a surprise! In fact, they are twice as likely to their fellow South Africans to be active hikers.

All of which explains why there were thousands (literally) of cars parked on road-sides and crammed into parking lots around the mountain this past weekend. Which is why we can’t help ‘wandering’ how long it will be until the gates are all closed up again. Sad face… with hiking boots

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