WhyFive Launches BrandMapp B

WhyFive Launches BrandMapp B

The BrandMapp survey will, in future, be conducted every six months. Now well entrenched as the country’s most comprehensive view of wealthier South Africans, the BrandMapp survey (Brand Media and Product Profiler) will now produce biannual datasets giving marketers a more current view of the consumer landscape across more than 340 measures and 1 700 brand filters.

“We see such dramatic shifts in key areas in a 12-month period,” explains WhyFive’s director of research, Alan Todd. “South African demography is shifting all the time and, when we combine that with changes in the economic environment and add the radical impact of technology on media consumption and consumer behaviour, it’s clear that marketers need these metrics updated more often.

“The core survey will remain static but we now have the opportunity to add themed questions every six months. These are often inspired by our clients and data users who simply have no other way of measuring key trends in this depth on a national basis.”

Partners are invited to join the collaboration in either or both of BrandMapp A (in field in November with results in February each year); or BrandMapp B (in field in May with results out in July each year).

Partners have full access to both datasets (A and B). In addition, they will have a bespoke silo of questions within the study which the WhyFive team designs in conjunction with the client. Results are presented for their eyes only.

More than 50 leading brands have partnered in BrandMapp over the last five years. Jean Dommisse, head of Client and Market Insights at Sanlam, is one of about 10 regular partners. His views on BrandMapp offer a good overview of the proposition for marketers. “The BrandMapp dataset is an important cornerstone in our insight arsenal across the business. The bespoke work we conduct in our BrandMapp ‘silo’ is enormously rewarding – intelligent design, large sample sizes and expert analysis make this a cost-effective and very compelling research solution for Sanlam.”

Many Advertising agencies and corporate brands subscribe the BrandMapp data. They too will benefit from the increased frequency. Alison McCutcheon, Director of Rainbow Experiential Marketing is one of our enthusiastic users. Alison explains: “We use BrandMapp for everything that requires an in-depth view of the top-end consumer. If we know their purchase decisions we can understand their lifestyles and design experiences around them. It’s invaluable for our existing client strategies, but also for pitches where we have a firm grip on our client’s customer profile before we build our strategies.” Frequent data releases means improved relevance and accuracy which, in turn, enables better strategies, less marketing wastage and increased sales for our clients.

For more information on BrandMapp partnerships and data access, please contact Stuart Lowe here.